An 11-day pilgrimage in the Holy Land to discover and embody your divinity

From the lowest place on earth to the highest place within you



1. A journey that will take your life to the next level.
2. Transformational workshops with world renowned spiritual

3. An incredible value-for-money package
4. An exceptional opportunity to clarify your dreams, purpose
    and unique path.

5. An extraordinary tour of the Holy Land, experiencing the different
    religions, cultures, tastes and beauty of this versatile country.
6. 11 activity-packed days that will awaken your body, mind,
    heart and soul. 
7. A heart centered community that will remain a meaningful part
   of your life. 

1. 11 day, 10 night accommodation in deluxe hotels (F.B)

2.  Unveiling the Mysteries is a spiritual pilgrimage
3.  Mystery School classes and meditations.

4.  Entry fee to all sites at the Dead Sea, Jerusalem,
     Nazareth, Haifa, the Sea of Galilee, Safed and Jaffa.

5.  Highly experienced tour guides and comfortable
     transportation throughout the whole journey.

6.  A variety of unique daily activities and exceptional
     evening events.

7.  Free access to internet and Wifi in all hotels.

8.  Door to door car service to and from 
     Ben Gurion Airport. 

 - Flights to and from Israel.

 - Gratuity to service providers.

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Unveiling the Mysteries is a spiritual pilgrimage created for people who wish to uncover their deepest essence, innermost beauty and abundance of all that they wish to be in this world. The experience invites a bridging of the gap between “Who I am” and “Who and how I can be".

Join participants from all over the world as we come together and enjoy this unique opportunity to receive Mystery School teachings in the 3000-year lineage of King Solomon, handed down in numerous spiritual hotspots.


The program balances travel, spiritual teaching and integration, all taking place in locations chosen to energetically compliment and support the process for each individual. The physical journey takes us from the desert, to the holiest of cities, to the luscious north and back to modern city life. The nonphysical journey takes us into the highest realms of light, ascension and self-realisation.

Receiving Mystery School teachings in various locations within the land of Israel offers participants the unique opportunity to enjoy a vacation with like-minded people from all over the world, explore the history and diversity of the country, celebrate life and deepen spiritually. Those who wish to take their studies and training further will have advanced programs available to them worldwide, and will have acquired all prerequisites for the Healers Academy program.


The 11-day journey begins at the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea, a mecca for those seeking to revitalize both body and spirit. Here we will bathe in mineral-rich water, enjoy pampering spa treatments, visit historic sites and walk in stunning natural environments.


Overlooking an awe-inspiring backdrop of the Judean desert, we will begin teachings with the Empower Thyself class. This life-changing process guides participants on the path of initiation and spiritual progression, providing tools to master life’s most profound mysteries

The second class to take place at the Dead Sea will be Sacred Geometry 1, during which we will study and embody the divine proportion of geometric patterns, fundamental to the creation of the universe.

From the Dead Sea we head to the golden city of Jerusalem, stopping at the ancient Masada fortress and Jordan River. On arrival to this holy city we shall visit various sites including the Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the ancient village of Ein Karem, bustling markets and more.

Within the powerful energy field that encompasses Jerusalem, two classes will take place. Firstly, Astral Travel, a process designed for expansion of consciousness and exploration of higher dimensions. Secondly, Journey of the Spirit, which opens the gateway to ascending spiritual dimensions and connection with the higher-self and other light beings. 

From Jerusalem the program heads Northbound to the Sea of Galilee and Golan Heights. Along the journey we will stop to explore Caesarea, Mount Carmel and Acre/Nazareth. This more luscious part of the country will host the 12 Races of Earth class, during which we will learn about many magickal beings that live alongside us on this planet.

The final day will take us to the infamous city of Tel Aviv, where all will be free to explore, enjoy the sites, integrate or simply sit back and relax.

Alongside classes, free time will be available to self-integrate or to further explore the surroundings, as well as yoga, meditation, musical events and much more.

April 15th - 25th   2018


Unveiling the Mysteries


Your Guide


Shani Lehrer is an international guide, teacher and healer for the Modern Mystery School. Throughout the years, Shani has guided hundreds of individuals from all walks of life, towards embodying and living their greatest potential.


Through the use of ancient spiritual technology, combined with bespoke modern-day emotional and mental healing techniques, this pilgrimage was born out of the understanding that there is great value in immersion for an intense period, which allows a deep transformation that is sustainable over time.

The program
The 11-day program offers participants a valuable opportunity to accelerate internal growth and receive an array of tools and expert in-depth guidance. Throughout the pilgrimage, Shani will be fully available, thus offering optimum knowledge and support for intense group and individual processes


Registration is by application only due to the intensified nature of work, designed for those who know they hold great inner gifts, which they are ready to bring to fruition and share with this world.


Beyond focusing on personal processes and development, attendees will also obtain all training required to enroll in the Modern Mystery School’s Healers Academy, towards becoming a certified healer.


Throughout the pilgrimage, we will be connecting heaven and earth within ourselves, and nourish grounding by stepping through the Holy Land from the lowest point on earth to the highest place in Israel. The carefully selected spiritual hotspots will reflect teachings and tools for integration.


This is the journey of a lifetime. We strongly request applications come solely from those of you deeply committed to living this beautiful life to its fullest and sharing at the highest of level